20 January, 2006

The Recovery of Art at the End of the Spear?

    When I first heard about End of the Spear (the new movie based on the real life story of the five missionaries killed in Ecuador by the indigenous Waodani tribe) I let out a tired groan, knowing that Christian production companies (this time it's Every Tribe Entertainment) have a tendency to produce artistically terrible stuff.  I was dead set on not seeing it.
    Recently, however, much of the evangelical community has been up in arms over the fact that Every Tribe hired not only a gay man (*gasp*) but a gay activist (*double gasp*) to play missionary Nate Saint and the grown up version of his son, Steve.
    Oddly enough, this makes me want to see the movie.
    I appreciate the fact that Every Tribe refused to brush off the actor with the best audition simply because he is gay and a gay activist.  It shows that their focus is on making a good movie, rather than making politico-religious statements.  I think this is the most Christian thing a Christian production company has ever done and, as a result, I will now be seeing what I hope will be an excellent movie.


  1. Britt, you do have a good point (actually several) and I see where your thoughts come from. But don't forget to think that their could be another reason he hired the gay man, and that is because he either supports "homosexuals" past the degree of Christianity, or that he is actually trying to be politically correct to everyone else, inside of trying to be politically correct to Christians. Either way, you can't really know until you see the film, and even then you can't know, but your reason presented is a valid one, and who knows, I may go see it with you....

  2. Well, I just read that "up in arms" link, and I found it excessively interesting. However, again, there are certain things you can't be sure of until you see the movie.
    Either way, I'm done now. :-D

  3. You are right about not knowing until I see the movie. Hopefully I don't go in with my hopes too high.

    Re: your first comment -- the director has stated that he does NOT agree with Chad Allen (the gay actor in question) on the issue of homosexuality, but cast him because he had, "by far", the best audition. And THAT is what made me change my mind about seeing the movie.

  4. yes, I did see that on the little link discussion thingy, which is one of the reasons I did a second comment.
    But again, that's based on trust. Is he being truthful, or just saying that to appease both sides? Which if people had any sense whatsoever, they would be appeased....